One Year On: How I Spent My Gap Year!

971177_10200410930689846_1345564006_nThis time last year I was furiously submitting essays, planning for graduation and partying like it was 1999 to celebrate the end of university. Life at Nottingham was fantastic, but I was so ready to embark on my gap year and this is what I’ve been up to so far:

July 2012-August 2012


This month I spent graduating and studying the CELTA for four weeks until August 2012. I passed!

September 2012

IMG_1617I moved to Rome and bagged a job teaching English. Unfortunately, I quit after two days! I still had my apartment so I spent the whole month exploring Rome.

October 2012-December 2012


I managed to land a job with HARRODS! I was working in the pantry section of the food halls where celebrities would occassionally pass through. Not that I benefitted-I missed David Beckham because I was in the stock room! I worked for the Christmas season to save money for travelling.

January 2013-March 2013


Volunteered for 10 weeks in the north of El Salvador with government-backed scheme, International Citizen Service.

April 2013-Present

The large reason for my absence is…. (drum roll)


I’ve been travelling in South America! I’ve travelled to Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.


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