My First Week In Rome


I have been in Rome just under one week and I love it here! It’s always been my dream to move to Italy and learn Italian and as some of you may know, when I tried to move last year, it didn’t work out. It makes a lovely change from London in that the weather is 27-28 degrees nearly everyday, Rome is fairly compact and easy to get around by foot and bus and the whole city is basically just an open-air museum. On my 20 minute commute to work I come across at least 3 different ruins (one which looks like a mini coliseum, as well as the Coliseum itself). The language is beautiful, but as of yet, pretty indecipherable to me. I completed a beginners course in Italian 3 years ago (I always had it on the brain!!) but for the moment I’m self-teaching and doing tandem exchanges.

I live in the San Giovanni district, a student area which is a 20 minute walk from the Coliseum and has really good transport.  I live with 3 other Italian students who are lovely and let me practice Italian with them and we live on the 9th floor, so I have this view from my bedroom window:


On my very first day, I arrived at my flat and my new housemate prepared me lunch and was showing me around 🙂 This is my daily walk into central Rome:





Sorting out a place to live was slightly difficult, as I’d heard that Italians only like to rent to people they know (still don’t know whether this is true or not) and had mixed success with renting websites like EasyStanza. In the end, I knew someone who knew someone who knew someone ELSE who was renting out a flat in Rome. Getting my tax code was a breeze and there are so many internationals in Rome that I can connect with. I don’t want to be one of those expats who spends a year in a foreign country who doesn’t learn the language or mix with the locals, so hopefully my friendship network will be a mixture of Italians and internationals. I’m planning lots of daytrips to the beach and other neighbouring towns which I’ll post soon.

Also, I’ve had gelato everyday since I’ve been here!!




One thought on “My First Week In Rome

  1. You never cease to amaze and inspire me with hour adventurous life. Maybe we can be flat mates out there one day ❤

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