Want a beach holiday? Come to Rome…


Growing up in London means I’m a city girl at heart, but one of the harder things about adjusting to Rome is the lack of parks and greenery (which yes! London actually has a lot of) and with the 24/7 traffic, it just seems so…urban. Living in Nottingham for three years meant that I’d grown accustomed to forests, greenery and gardens aplenty so every once in a while my heart pangs for trees…leaves…verdure…!

One way of avoiding the traffic and getting my nature fix has been heading down to Termini and hopping on a 50 minute train to the beach of Santa Marinella. This beach is incredibly beautiful, clean and peaceful even when its really hot in September, one Italian even asked me “How did you find out about this beach?!” so the lack of tourists is very refreshing! This is because 26 degrees is “autumn” for Italians, but is tropical weather for a northern European lass such as myself, so the relative cold probably explains the lack of people. Getting there is cheap and costs €4.60 each way and there are a few trains an hour from Termini, Trastevere, Ostiense and San Pietro. There’s not much to see here besides the beach and the town itself is very small, but has a supermarket and a few seafood restaurants. I’ve come here 3 times already in two weeks! I’ll leave you some more pictures of the stunning beach and the sea:







4 thoughts on “Want a beach holiday? Come to Rome…

  1. Looks beautiful, enjoy! I’m living in Thailand and our local beach is one where you can’t sunbathe (too offensive…!) and the water isn’t too clean either. You’re lucky to have this not too far away!

    • Thanks, the weathers taking a turn for the worse here though! Where do you live in Thailand? That’s awesome, I feel like every young person bar me has been to Thailand!

  2. I’m moving to Rome in August and have been curious about which beaches to go to. I live in Arizona now, which is about 6 hours away from the beach. Not too bad, but 50 minutes sounds much nicer! 😀

    I read that you lived in Nottingham. I studied abroad there for a month 4 years ago. I visited an elementary school there (I’m a teacher) and fell in love with it. I would love to live there, or at least go back one day!

    • Good luck on the move Sara 🙂 Yes before I came here I had no idea there were any beaches near Rome. Italians have warned me about Ostia and I’ve been told about even lovlier beaches further out than Santa Marinella (Sperlonga, Fregene). September/October is still beach season too! In bocca al lupo.

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