Breakast at Guiliemo’s


Italian’s are shocked at what us English eat for breakfast. Ham? Sausages? EGGS? These foods are far too heavy for early mornings and instead Italians prefer to indulge in un caffé and something sweet; biscotti or un cornetto. Due to early morning starts at the school, I have taken to this routine with gusto! Practicing my Italian with the staff at the café, nipping out of lessons for a quick caffeine fix and indulging my sweet tooth (which only gets sweeter with time) with un marrochino and un cornetto cioccolato for €2. This bar is a 10 second walk from the main doors of my school and can be found on the Corso Vittorio Emmanuele II. It’s nice to have a quick breakfast with other teachers before returning back to the chaos of the classroom, alas I fear I am becoming a coffee addict!


3 thoughts on “Breakast at Guiliemo’s

  1. Hey! Enjoying reading your blogs as I’m moving to Rome on Monday as a recently-qualified CELTA teacher. Any advice or input you have would be very welcome!

    • Congratulations! Get to know Italian hand gestures and learn about the idiosyncratic mistakes that they will make because of their L1, i.e. instead of saying “to eat” they say “to Heat” so they will have problems with accent, stress and the H sound! And try not to translate much in Italian as this makes the students very lazy!

  2. Reblogged this on The Second Time Around and commented:
    Girl About Rome has some really insights and pictures on her WordPress blog. Want to go here for for breakfast!

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