Christmas In Rome


Sorry for the absence guys! I’ve been back in London for about two weeks enjoying family, friends and food (the three F’s!)

I love living in Rome. So much. And I was so excited to be around during the Christmas holidays to see what would be happening in the city. In terms of decorations, there weren’t as many in London, but the rainbow lights on Via Del Corso, the main shopping high street from Piazza Venezia, were beautiful, extending for about 3km, making for a lovely passegiata.

1465413_10201607777130259_1235828344_nNativity scenes are BIG here and they can be found all over the city, even ‘live’ nativity scenes with actors in the middle of the city’s main piazza. Some of the besyt open-air ones are at the Spanish Steps, the Vatican and Piazza del Popolo, which is by the end of the colourful rainbow lights down Via del Corso.



Italians (and apparently a lot of other Europeans besides us Brits) celebrate Christmas on the 24th!! They have a big meal on the evening of the 24th, where they are only allowed to eat fish and open their presents at midnight. Who knows what they do on the 25th. My family usually prepares international food for the Christmas dinner-none of this turkey malarky.

The Christmas period ends on the Epiphany on the 6th January, which is a national holiday. On this day, La Befana, a friendly witch of Italian lore, is said to visit children and deliver sweets if you’ve been a good or coal if you’ve been bad. The event takes place on Piazza Navona and is full of children! La Befana arrived on a motorbike with a gang of Harley Davidson bikers. I tried getting a picture, but one of the motorheads had no idea how to use a camera and we tried twice, c’est la vie.




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