About Me


My Story

Hey! I’m Settit, a 22 year old English graduate and freelance writer, currently working my way across the globe. I love to travel and believe in living a life worth writing about. I grew up in London, but moved to Nottingham to study English Literature for three years.

At the age of 21 I moved to Rome, Italy as a qualified English teacher, but packed up and left after a month. I then spent the rest of the year volunteering in El Salvador, travelling South America solo and completing a CELTA course, I’ve bought another one-way ticket to Rome and will be working as a Comenius Assistant for the British Council and I now speak intermediate Spanish and Italian. To see what else I’ve been up to, check out One Year On: How I spent My Gap Year.

Languages are a huge passion of mine and they motivate my travel; I’ve learnt Spanish in El Salvador and currently learning Italian in Rome, where I’m staying put for the whole year. In 2013/2014 most of my travel will be restricted to Italy but considering there’s Venice, Sicily, Florence, Naples and lots more Italian beauties a train ride away, that’s no bad thing at all! Feel free to drop me a line on settit@hotmail.co.uk if you’d like to write a guest post.

Why I Blog


This blog combines my passions of travelling and writing, but also allows me to showcase the fact that anyone can go abroad. I’m not a trustfund baby, I haven’t won the lottery and almost every travel adventure I’ve had has been funded using OPM….Other People’s Money. The British Government indirectly sponsored me (and many other young people) to volunteer in El Salvador and the European Union are indirectly funding this year as a Comenius Assistant.  It is possible to travel and live abroad for extended periods of time, without hustling for years, if you know where to look.


(June 2011- June 2012)

  • Commissioned articles
  • Encouraged new contributors to write
  • Edited articles and verified information in them
  • Ensured that all articles, especially lead articles, were pertinent to our target group
  • Organised the features section, the biggest and most widely read section of the magazine
  • Wrote the lead article on student refugees and asylum seekers titled ‘Through Their Eyes’ and picked up by various refugee websites
  • Featured on national student media outlet Ones to Watch
  • Impact won Student Publication of the Month (December 2011) on Ones to Watch and as features editor, I edited 5 of the 8 articles listed
  • A sample of my writing

3 thoughts on “About Me

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  3. Hi 🙂 I really like your blog. I have nominated you for the liebster award. Check out my post about it. http://sunshineandoliveadventures.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/my-nomination-for-the-liebster-award/

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