Main attractions: La Paz, Salt Flats, Potosi (the mines), Death Road, Lake Titicaca
Best to go for: cheaper jungle trips in Rurrenabaque, incredible scenery and cycling like a mofo down the world’s most dangerous road
Currency: Bolivianos
Average cost of a dorm per night: 40 Bolivianos
Beaches: none! Bolivia is landlocked and very cold
Media: Marching Powder by Thomas McFadden about the San Pedro Prison tours.

Other information:

  • The Salt Flat tours are around three days and include trips to other places of natural beauty in the area. The average cost of May 2013 was 750 Bolivianos all inclusive (around £75!) for 3 days. Be aware, there is a LOT of driving involved and you can be dropped off at San Pedro de Atacama at the border of Chile
  • San Pedro prison tours no longer run, whilst they very popular in the early noughties, news of the corruption spread. Apparently you may still be able to take them now, but its far too risky; you can still visit the outside and sneak a peek in from San Pedro Square though. The Spanish word for jail is carcel, if you get lost and need to ask directions!
  • Be sure to change your Bolivianos before leaving the country. I got stuck in Argentina with the currency and found it impossible to change.
  • I would really really recommend the Mines Tour in Potosi but only with the ethnical company run by ex-miners, Real Deal Tours for 100 Bolivianos

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