Main attractions: Rio de Janeiro, Amazon rainforest, Igacu Falls, Salvador
Best to go for: Carnival, 2014 Olympics, 2016 World Cup, beaches
Currency: Real (singular, pronounced “hay-ow”), Reais (plural, “hay-ice”)
Average cost of a dorm per night: R$50
Beaches: plentiful! Salvador in the north is famed for having the best beaches in Brazil
Media: City of God book and film, The Girl from Ipanema song

Other information:

  • Book accommodation for Carnival months in advance. Be aware that prices triple during this time
  • Summer runs from December-March and is considered peak time, as that is when most Brazilians are on holiday
  • Book flights in advance to go anywhere in Brazil (unless its a small distance like Sao Paolo-Rio)
  • To save money, consider hiking up to Sugar Loaf Mountain
  • Unlike its south American neighbours, Brazilian bus transport is very safe and of a good standard

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