Greenwich is my favourite place in London without a doubt. Its a tiny village which has so much to see and do in a compact area and is beautiful-you honestly wouldn’t believe you’re in a capital city! The best way to get Greenwich on a sunny day is via the Thames Boat Cruise which leaves from Westminster Pier. The cost was a lot cheaper than I expected and the commentary from the boat driver and the London landmarks we saw along the way were definitely worth it.

Cutty Sark (pictured)

Weird name, cool thing, Cutty Sark was a 16th century tea clipper now moored in the centre of Greenwich. It costs £12 to board the ship, but I just love staring at it from the outside! Each Monday on the ship they host special talks about Cutty Sark, included in the admission price.

Greenwich Market


Normally host to arts and crafts. Come on Sundays though and you’ll find world cuisine; Thai, Ethiopian, Turkish, Brazilian all under one roof. They have desserts and even a vegan bakery! For main food I’d recommend the Turkish stall, run by a really friendly guy, order the lamb and halloumi wrap (£6).

The Royal Greenwich Observatory

The best museum I have ever been to! They had really interesting exhibits on space and time and their development in history and science. They showed films, displayed objects from outer space and even had a “launch your own rocket” game (I was the chief engineer!) The main bit and the Astronomy Centre are free, but you have to pay for everything else. The Meridian Line costs £7 for adults, but I got a sneak preview on a hot day when they left the door open at the Royal Observatory Shop. It really is just a line and not worth the money. They plan special nights at the Planetarium for stargazing, but obviously you’ll have to book these in advance.

Greenwich Park


Beautiful, huge green open space which is directly in the centre of Greenwich. Walking up towards the Royal Observatory you’ll see this fantastic view of the London skyline.

Other places of interest:

  • The National Maritime Museum
  • The Queen’s House
  • The Royal Navy College
  • The Thames Walk


The view from Greenwich Pier (opposite Cutty Sark)

Where is Greenwich? On the DLR, which is the overground train that continues where the underground tube stops. I normally hop on the DLR from Bank (Central Line).


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