Good Morning Rome, IMPREINT

Portraits by IMPREINT (1)
IMPREINT is a London-based artist whom I was introduced to recently. He works on several projects, usually involving the public in his art and his art is currently being showcased in the Original Gallery in London. Described as “enigmatic” he feels that his work is more important than his persona.

I was excited to take part in his latest project, Portraits, in Rome and chose the Trevi Fountain, an international symbol of the Eternal City. The artist says “I started [the project] on 16 December 2013 as a natural consequence of the 1000 balloons I had painted a year before. Balloons are like people: they’re all different and imperfect in different ways. I experimented with different ideas – first, I made a series of stop motion videos with pictures of people holding balloons. Then I collected photos sent from all over the world. These two approaches led me think that a scene could be looked at from various perspectives, so I decided to run Portraits for one year. In a way this is like a conversation with the public, based on a concept – a dream to evolve in a natural and spontaneous way.”

Portraits has already seen photos of smiling individuals from all corners of the globe posing with balloons. It’s a fantastically understated concept and I encourage everyone to colloborate with the artist by sending in a photo of themselves.

Below is a soundbite from the artist about his work:

– What is your project Portraits about in five words?
– Sharing, equality, unification, happiness, hope.

– What made you want to start your project?
– The idea to create a common dialogue. The 1000 balloons that I was painting inspired me.

– Where would you like to go with Portraits?
– I prefer not to plan, I dream.

Portraits is a global project and you can see the photos and follow IMPREINT on his facebook page. To find out what others have been saying about his work click herehere and here. Below are some photos from his exhibitions:
IMPREINT I'm a temporary exhibition IMPREINT London IMPREINT Portraits London