Main attractions: London, Lake District, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester
Best to go for: London nightlife, blowing your budget, history
Currency: Pounds (£)
Average cost of a dorm per night:
Beaches: the best are in Cornwall, in the south of England
Literature: Harry Potter franchise, anything by Charles Dickens, Emily Bronte, Jane Austen. For a more recent novelist, try Nick Hornby
Films: Notting HillLove Actually, James Bond and Harry Potter franchises, About a Boy
TV shows: Made in Chelsea, Skins, Hustle
Music: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, Rita Ora

Other information:

  • Buy an oyster card to make tube fares a bit cheaper, they require a £5 deposit, which you can get back if you hand it into one of the bigger tube stations
  • Travelling on the tube is more expensive at peak times;  before 9.30am and between 4pm-7pm, except on public holidays. Basically the times people go to work.
  • Come during the summer, June-September, when the weather’s best. Early September might be best as the weather’s still great and its off season
  • Most museums in the capital are free!
  • Buckingham Palace receives visitors during the summer (Queen Wave)
  • During the summer is when many music festivals take place; Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds…
  • Train travel is very expensive throughout England, so ensure to book in advance

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